Commission 049 by Kme

What a Omenne can do !



A little something for rakiah ’s birthday, Amenaska the great goddess.
I ran a lot on these days, but I needed to draw something for Tulietta. XD
Bizzz desolée ma belle, je reviendrai bientot avec un dessin plus grand et plus beau! ;w;

My Miguelita is soooo awesome ! Look what she did for me ! That little something is too pretty ! *w*
Mais je t’aime fort Miguelita déjà ! <3 <3 <3

Amenaska Side Character : Andreï Aragvsky

Cold land makes cold people. A lot of them are wrong about my behaviour and I encourage them to continue. Their opinions are insignificant, I have more important things to do.

Amenaska Main Character : Asad

I’m not your friend, neither your enemy. Don’t just put yourself between I and the thing I want. I’ll become the second choice.

Amenaska Main Character : Orwan Evleigh

Sometimes I wonder why I do all this. Smiling, lying, cheating… My routine. Then, I look at her and I forget all because it’s the only way to keep her by my side.

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Amenaska Main Character : Ever Evleigh

I dance for Her to let Her speak to us. I become Her voice and spirit. No one can imagine the kind of power is. Same as when he’s in me.

Amenaska Main Character : Versacce

By the Grace of Light, here I am, to lead you. By His will, I show you the path to rise your soul and make Humanity endless. Hear me, follow me, I am your salvation.

I told you ! Something from me ! I needed some fanservice…
How convenient for Valentine’s Day.


+COMMISSION+ Milyn and Versacce by Nephyla

Perfectness ! *w*
…. I promise the next post will be a picture made by myself X’D

Commission 83 by Kme

Have some hug to begin 2014 :3 It’s quite rare in the story, so… ENJOY ! X’D